About us

A Brief History Of Clean Environments

The birth of Clean Tent

Clean Environments is a division of Moorfield Nanotechnology. Founded in 1989, Moorfield was originally set up as a progressive vacuum deposition systems company found to provide services in vacuum technology; primarily to the academic research market.

Moorfields deposition systems were, and still are used within a cleanroom but this was causing us a problem, we were experiencing an increasing delay in system sign off as the cleanroom was not ready to receive the kit.

We needed a portable cleanroom in which we could commission the systems allowing our customers to then sign the system off for payment.

In 1996 Jon Whitehead started sketching up some initial designs for what has become the Clean Tent and by the end of the year the first few systems were delivered with a Clean Tent.

Customers were so enthused by the solution that in 1997 Clean Environments was found as a division specialising in temporary clean spaces.

The Clean Environments team have since developed a range of rapid-assembly, low cost, HEPA filtered products for creating portable and permanent cleanroom areas.

Our products are designed, assembled and certified by our team of specialists in the North West of England