Clean Shower

Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in the UK

A walk in, micro climate laminar flow workstation

The Clean Shower is a laminar flow booth / soft wall cleanroom designed for use in cleanrooms to create a micro climate of approximately two levels better residual particulate quality with respect to ambient.

Whilst the majority of Clean Showers are bespoke — made to fit the site and specific process — we also offer two standard models, simply specify your required particulate level.

Clean Shower features:

Clean Shower CS 2400
CS 2400
2400mm(L) x 1800mm(W) x 2513mm(H)
2320mm(L) x 1760mm(W) x 2100mm(H)
Clean Tent CS1200 Mask Aligner
CS1200 Mask Aligner
1200mm(L) x 1000mm(W) x 2313mm(H
1120mm(L) x 960mm(W) x 1900mm(H)

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Filter unit fan
280W, 230vac 50Hz standard

Electrical Supply
5A, 230vac 50Hz single phase 3 pin plug.

Fan filter unit

Full speed 20,000 hrs continuous


Vmax at face
0.45 m/sec.

Expected HEPA lifespan
5 years in lab conditions with continuous fan


G4 pleated pre filter
475mm x 370mm.

Expected filter lifespan
Approximately 3 months in lab conditions with continuous fan.

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